Lemon Syrup


Lemon Syrup 檸檬汁
Packing: 5kg/bottle
Country of origin: Taiwan


Fructose syrup、 Water 、 Lemon juice 、 Citric Acid 、 Flavor 、 DL-Sodium malate 、 Lactic acid 、 Acesulfame potassium 、 Pectin 、 Sodium metaphosphate 、 Xanthan gum 、 Potassium sorbate 、 Emulsifier 。

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We provide only premium quality fruit syrups from Taiwan.

We can customize different types, grades and flavours of syrups according to customers’ requests with competitive prices. There are low grade, middle grade and high grade syrups with options to include pulps or seeds (depending on the nature of the fruit).

For further inquiries, please contact us at 68460219 / 68730219.