Espresso Cappucino
Irresistible coffee aroma and rich creamy milk froth
Black Tapioca Pearl
Chewy tapioca pearls with a hint of caramel flavor
Aloe Vera Jam
High grade aloe vera, a healthy choice of bubble tea topping
Marsh Mallow
Soft, chewy marsh mallow filled with fruit concentrate
Royal Mochi
Soft, chewy mochi filled with fruit concentrate
Durian Powder
Durian powder with a strong aroma and rich creamy texture
Combo Kanten Jelly Ball
Delectable taste of juicy kanten balls and colorful decor
Honeydew Coconut Jelly
Delectable treat is hands down our most popular honeydew coconut jelly
Popping Boba Blueberry
Tantalising taste of juicy, chewy seaweed pearls filled with blueberry concentrate
Strawberry Red Tea
Refreshing strawberry red tea with hints of dark caramel, malt and subtle smokiness

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